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Healing Retreat 

Hawaii + Foot Zone Therapy


Foot Zone Therapy Session to determine your retreat needs


Customized Retreat Agenda based on you needs


Private Retreat Space


Peace and tranquility of Oahu’s North Shore

Combine the benefits of Foot Zone Therapy with the healing environs of Hawaii


Frequently Asked Questions

01: What does the retreat include?

Hawaii is a place of healing and can be a refuge from life's difficulties and stress. It is an ideal place to recenter and build positive energy. Soon after you arrive, we will meet for a foot zone therapy session. This will help me understand what physical, mental, and emotional needs you may have. Together, we will decide how the island can meet your healing needs. You are then free to use the retreat space as needed to pursue your healing plan. Some activities may be in the retreat space itself. Other activities may be at one of our many pristine beaches or on a breathtaking mountain trail. The retreat cost includes the initial foot zone therapy session and the use of the retreat space. 

02: How long can I use the retreat space for?

You may use the retreat space for as many days as you book for your retreat. 

03: How many people can come to the retreat?

You may schedule up to two people per retreat. This is due to the limitations of the retreat space. 

04: What is in the retreat space?

The retreat space is in a secluded part of our home. It has a queen bed, private bathroom with a shower, television, small eating area, a refrigerator, and a microwave. Our home is near several beaches and mountain hikes. 

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