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Foot Zone Therapy

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Foot zone therapy is a method of therapy that works with a map of the body transposed on the foot. Each “zone” or signal is worked in a specific way and direction, treating the body in it’s entirety through the reflexes on the foot. The feet then tell a story of things that may be happening within the body.​

I have been foot zoning since 2005. I attended We Do Feet Seminars and enjoyed the training I received there. I taught for We Do Feet for a couple years before moving to Hawaii where I then started my own school and training program called Foothold. I am continually learning and growing from the gifts and talents of others and have a passion for learning!

If you would like to experience a foot zone, please feel free to contact myself or one of many other qualified foot zone practitioner. 



The first step to becoming a foot zoner is understanding the mechanics of the procedure. These tutorials will guide you step-by-step through the foot zone technique. Complete with hundreds of in-depth video explanations, demonstrations, and practice materials, our online foot zone tutorials are a must have for any would be foot zoner. These tutorials also serve as the “textbook” for our seminars.

164 in-depth demonstration videos

Trace Illustration Videos Help You Understand Each Precise Movement

To Help Practice the Procedures, We Provide Illustrative Images For Quick Reference


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Pay $29 per month for six months and your access to the tutorials is indefinite. 
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