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Help us share foot zone therapy with others


1. Make the foot zone available to as many people as possible.

2. Help foot zone teachers better leverage their time with their students.

3. Utilize technology to develop a curriculum that will fulfill our mission

There are many spectacular foot zone therapists with the aptitude to teach others. However, starting your own school can be difficult. Foothold can help. We make our curriculum available to other foot zone therapists to help them get started their school going quickly and easily. We offer two plans for potential instructors. Get your own school started today! 


This option is for teachers who may have developed their own curriculum but who also wish to take advantage of the tutorials to better prepare their students. Teachers can use these tutorials as a way for their students to learn the map before attending a seminar.  When I first tried this “flipped” seminar approach I was astonished at how well my students had learned the technique before attending. They came to the seminar ready for more! Now instead of spending so much time on the map, precious seminar time is used for a deeper understanding of the foot zone. I will never go back to teaching the other way again!


Those who wish to join our team of teachers are provided with our entire curriculum. This makes setting up your own school as simple as possible. The curriculum includes the Foot Zone Tutorials, along with much more, including muscle testing, energy work, anatomy and physiology, small business practices, emotional healing, essential oil training, herbs, nutrition, and much more. These materials meet foot zone certification requirements in Utah and the reflexology education requirements in many states. Teachers who wish to use these materials must be screened and meet our minimum teaching requirements.


For those interested in joining our team of teachers need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate of a reputable foot zone therapy school

  • Two years experience as a foot zone practitioner

  • Commit to teaching long term

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us. 
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