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Foot zone therapy is a method of therapy that works with a map of the body transposed on the foot. Each “zone” or signal is worked in a specific way and direction, treating the body in it’s entirety through the reflexes on the foot. The feet then tell a story of things that may be happening within the body.​

I have been foot zoning since 2005. I attended We Do Feet Seminars and enjoyed the training I received there. I taught for We Do Feet for a couple years before moving to Hawaii where I then started my own school and training program called Foothold. I am continually learning and growing from the gifts and talents of others and have a passion for learning!

A foot zone session for an adult usually takes an hour and costs $60. Students are $50. Children under 12 years of age or $30. Foot zone sessions are typically done at my office. However, if you would like me to travel to you, I charge $100 per foot zone. Depending on the distance, I may ask that more than one foot zone be scheduled to justify the distance. If you would like to experience a foot zone, please feel free to contact me at: 

Call or text: 808-489-0118
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