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Peeing Sand

From the title you can see that this story might have a little TMI (Too much information). Welcome to the world of foot zoning.

Kim had been coming to me for regular foot zones for close to a year, having paid me a visit about every month. Definitely what I would consider a regular. With regular clients I become more and more familiar with their feet. So, when I felt a sharp pokey feeling over Kim’s bladder signal, I grew concerned. I had never felt anything like this before. I informed Kim of what I felt through the bladder. Of course she asked me what it was but I could not tell. I worked over the bladder a few times and thought it might be a good idea for her to have her visit a doctor. She agreed and also asked if she could also come back every week, instead of her usual every month, so we could continue to work on it.

Kim went home and called a urologist to get some tests done, including an ultra sound. The soonest appointment time was 5 weeks away. When she came to her next appointment in a week, she informed me that after the last foot zone she peed out a white sand like substance for the first 24 hours. Then her urine returned to normal. I thought that was a little odd but also encouraging. Her body was apparently expelling something. Kim told me of her appointment and I was happy she was going to see a doctor to make sure all was well.

Following this foot zone Kim once again peed our sand the first day after the foot zone. This pattern continued until her 4th foot zone. Then, after her fifth foot zone, she had regular urine. Her doctor’s appointment was soon after this. She kept her appointment and had tests run on her bladder and kidneys. The doctors could not find anything amiss. All the test came back normal.

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