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An injury at the beach or something else…

I love Saturdays in Hawaii. We often spend part of the day lounging on the beach and playing in the water. My children’s new favorite game is riding on a tube together while catching the waves. Wipeouts like the one in the video happen frequently. In this video I happened to catch my youngest, Isaac, getting hurt. If you watch carefully, you can see him emerging from the water and grabbing his neck. Soon after the wipeout Isaac began to complain of a sore neck. I spent the remainder of the outing in the calm waters with him lounging in the tube. When we arrived at home he continued to not feel well and asked me for a foot zone. I love it when my children ask me for a foot zone.

I proceeded to foot zone Isaac, thinking I would need to work his neck muscles and maybe focus on aligning his back. As I worked the first and second areas of the foot zone, most of of the signals on Isaac’s feet felt sore to him. Since this kind of response is usually typical of sickness, not injury, I thought that seemed a little odd.

The third area of a foot zone is where we treat the back and neck. As I moved into this area, I learned that the lymphs in the back were tender but the muscles on the neck were better than I expected. My last clue came when I moved to the bottom of his foot and hit the thymus signal. The thymus regulates the immune system. When this signal is off, the body is usually dealing with a virus. Isaac’s thymus signal felt crunchy, a clear indication of a problem. My suspicions were confirmed. Isaac was dealing with more than just a strained neck. I came to the conclusion that he probably had a virus and not a serious neck injury. Sure enough, within an hour of receiving a foot zone, Isaac had a low-grade fever. Did the foot zone heal the virus? Unfortunately, in this case, no. It helped, but a foot zone is not always a quick fix. I am just thankful I knew the reason he wasn’t feeling good. No damage to his neck, just a 24-hour virus.

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