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Vaccinating My Children

Vaccines are a controversial subject within the holistic health world and the purpose of this post is not to push an agenda. I believe each person should make that decision for their own family.

Personally, I feel that it is a wonderful thing that we no longer have to worry about awful childhood illnesses like polio. So, I always vaccinated my children against major diseases (not the flu shot or HPV). I also understand that vaccines can cause side effects. My two oldest children both experienced some immediate effects after their vaccinations, such as fever, soreness, and fussiness. When I became a foot zoner and learned more about vaccines and their harshness, I had a decision to make. Do I continue to vaccinate my children or not? Through prayer and study, I felt impressed that for my children the vaccines would not be too hard on them. I just needed to foot zone them after they received vaccines.

Thereafter I foot zoned each child immediately after each vaccination appointment and applied lavender oil to the area of the shot. The difference was obvious. My children stopped experiencing short-term side effects from the vaccines. No fever, aches, or even soreness. I remember taking my son, Grant, into the doctors for his kindergarten shots. I ran into a good friend at the doctors office who was there for the same reason. Grant received his immunizations and I foot zoned him following the appointment. I was talking with my friend two days later and she asked me how Grant was doing with his shots. I had forgotten about it and replied that he was doing great and that he seemed completely recovered. She then went on to tell me that her daughter was still complaining of soreness in her leg and had come down with a fever. It ended up taking a whole week before her daughter felt well again. So sad! I felt so bad for her daughter.

On another occasion I took my son, Isaac, in for his one-year-old immunizations. I believe it was the MMR vaccine. He was healthy and well as we took him to the doctors office. After visiting with the doctor, the nurse came in to administer the vaccine. As soon as she administered his vaccine, I had a powerful and distinct impression not to wait until I returned home to foot zone Isaac; that I needed to foot zone him right away. At the time it seemed strange. Our house was less than 10 minutes away. I was planning on taking him home to foot zone him right after the appointment. But, the impression was so strong (I have learned to listen to those impressions) that I took him straight to the car and foot zoned him in the parking lot of the doctors office. His thigh signal was unusually thick. Feeling thickness in the thigh signal is typical after immunizations, but Isaac’s seemed abnormal. I could literally push this muddy thickness from the thigh signal, through the leg, and exit it out the foot signal. As soon as I hit the foot signal the heavy thickness disappeared. Again, Isaac experienced no side effects from this set of vaccinations. To this day I do not know why it was so important to foot zone him so quickly. But, I was so glad I was a foot zoner and that I heeded the prompting on the spot.

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