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Four Wheeling Accident

When living in Utah we loved to take rides on our four-wheeler (ATV) in the mountains near our home. One evening, for our date, Jared and I decided to pack a picnic and take the ATV to the top of a nearby mountain. We packed a cooler and a blanket and secured them to the ATV, then started up the mountain. When we were almost to the top of the mountain we found a beautiful wild flower meadow where we decided to stop for dinner.

After enjoying our dinner, we packed all our belongings and secured them on the ATV. As we traveled the bumpy road home, the blanket worked it’s way free. We didn’t noticed the blanket had moved until it was too late. The blanket wrapped around one of the wheels causing the ATV to flip! Jared and I were both thrown forward from the ATV as it tumbled down the hill. Jared recovered quickly and jumped up to stop the forward motion of the ATV before it rolled over us. What a strong superman saving the damsel in destress!

Thankfully we both had helmets. Jared’s helmet sustained a large scratch from a rock. Fortunately, we only suffered some scrapes on hands and arms. Amazingly the ATV still worked, even after rolling down the road, so we continued down the mountain trail and loaded the ATV in our truck.

Upon returning home from our date night adventure and taking home the babysitter, Jared began to shake. He complained of being cold and hopped into bed to stop the shaking. I quickly realized that he was going into shock. Instruction from my foot zone training came to mind, particularly a treatment designed to calm the body called the Vagus Nerve Points. In my training I learned that these points could quickly shift the sympathetic response to a parasympathetic response. Or in other words, bring the body in to a state of relaxation and out of fight or flight.

In less than 30 seconds after completing all the vagus nerve points, Jared stopped shaking. Within a couple minutes he was completely calm again. Wow! I was amazed about how quickly it had worked!

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