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Late Night Visitor

It was after 10:00 one night while I was getting ready to head to bed, when I heard a frantic knocking on my door. I immediately knew someone was in trouble. I opened the door to Sara asking for help for one of my closest friends, Vanica, who was laying on my grass withering in pain. Sara informed me that they were out on a run when Vanica started experiencing extreme abdominal pain and that she refused to go the hospital and instead wanted to come to my house. They flagged down a car who dropped them off at my house. No pressure on me, right?

I went to Vanica immediately to see what I could do. I thought about the vagus nerve points in the foot zone and felt to start there. I picked up her feet as she lay crying on my grass and proceeded to hit all of the vagus nerve points. After doing this I felt like I should work her lungs and diaphragm to calm her breathing. After completing these signals, she seemed noticeably better but still in pain. At that point I felt that we could now address the issue of where the pain was coming from. I felt drawn to do her stomach, as that is what she was clutching in pain. I opened up the signal to the stomach and within a minute or two she was able to stand. She was shocked!

“What happened?” she asked me. “The pain has subsided to a dull pain but it was worse than labor and childbirth!” Within about ten minutes from the moment I found her writhing in pain on my grass she felt completely fine and was able to walk home. I walked her home to make sure that she really had recovered. Vanica was shocked and kept telling me she wasn’t faking the pain. I asked her if she had eaten a large dinner before her run. She confirmed that she had meat and potato dinner about an hour before her run. This seemed a likely cause. Fortunately, no trip to the ER was necessary. She just needed a reset of her parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system.

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