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What does a foot zone look like?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

What should you expect when getting zoned? While each foot zoner is unique in practice and approach, let me try and help those new to the therapy understand what they might expect. To do this I will share with you what my clients experience.

You will be welcomed into my home and asked to remove your shoes and socks (or in Hawaii your slippers, since hardly anyone wears shoes and socks), and then offered a seat on a comfortable chair in my foot zoning room. Many foot zoners work within their own home instead of an office or clinic. This comfortable environment provides a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. Each session usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. I will give you a disclaimer to sign that says a bunch of legal jargon that basically says, “I am not a doctor.”

I sit on my slightly deflated yoga ball in front of your feet. Some zoners use stools or short chairs. As you sit on the couch I will bring your foot up to rest on my thigh. I will apply a little raw coconut oil to your foot to allow for my hands and fingers to work smoothly through the treatment. Starting on your right foot, I work the sides and tops of your feet and finish with the bottom of the foot. Once the right foot is completed, I set your right foot down and place the left foot on my lap, starting the treatment again. As I work throughout the foot zone, there may be tender areas. This is normal, but it should not be painful enough that you never want to come back.

After the completion of the left foot, both feet are brought up onto my lap for an essential oil treatment and final energy balance. Throughout the zone, we have an open conversation about what I and you are feeling. I do my best to listen and answer any questions you might have. After the oil treatment, your session is complete! You are then free to put your shoes back on, head home or back to work. Drinking water after treatment is highly recommended. It is fun to take note of changes in the body for a few days following the therapy.

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