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Here are some common questions about foot zoning.

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Q: What is foot zoning?

A: First of all, it is not a foot massage and most foot zone therapists have not had any massage training. Foot zoning is a method of therapy that works with a map of the body transposed on the foot. Each “zone” or signal is worked in a specific way and direction, treating the body in it’s entirety through the reflexes on the foot. The feet then tell a story of things that may be happening within the body.

Q: Who can get foot zoned?

A: Almost anyone can experience a foot zone, from brand new babies to the very aged. My 4th baby was zoned within an hour of being born and I have worked on my Grandpa who is 94. You can even foot zone yourself!

Q: Is reflexology and foot zoning the same?

A: Yes and no. They are like cousins from the same family that have their own unique traits. Both are beneficial and can be more or less effective depending upon the training, experience, and knowledge of the practitioner. Generally speaking; if you have an option of choosing how long your session will be, then you are getting a reflexology treatment. Foot zoning involves treating the entire body systems every time and not just working a few signals. This complete treatment usually takes around an hour. So in a way, I am doing reflexology when I just work a treatment or two on my family to quickly address an issue instead of completing an entire treatment of all the signals on the foot.

Q: How can I find a foot zoner?

A: There are a few sites that have compiled lists to the best of their ability to help you find foot zoners. You can find those website links here. If you know of any other practitioner sites, please let us know. We want everyone to be able to access a foot zoner near them.

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