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A Moment of Clarity

Alzheimers and Dementia can be such trying illnesses. Although I have never seen a foot zoning contribute to a complete recovery from these illnesses, I witnessed a little miracle while foot zoning a beautiful women named Falanika.

Falanika had been suffering for years with Alzheimers when I meet her. The disease had progressed to the point that she required full-time care and the family carefully cared for their mother. Even though Falanika did not recognize her own husband, they continued to have a strong connection, albeit a different kind of connection. It seemed to be more of a child/parent relationship and Falanika often referred to her husband lovingly as Dad. Falanika allowed me to work on her even though I could tell it was a little uncomfortable to do so. During this particular foot zone, she stopped squirming and became more relaxed as the foot zone progressed. She started engaging in eye contact with me, and I could feel a strong connection between her and I. As we neared the end of the foot zone she was even conversing with me in grateful words. I was able to see the through to the amazing and divine woman which lay behind the disease. As she became more present, she began to recognize her husband. He was so touched. We were all deeply moved as we connected more deeply with Falanika. I was holding in the tears as I hugged her goodbye that day.

Her husband informed me later, that she stayed present for about an hour following the foot zone before slipping back. It was beautiful for him to connect for a little while with his wife of so many years and feel her true spirit coming through. I was touched and honored to be part of such a precious moment in their lives.

This story is in memory of Falanika, who passed away on February 4th, 2016. She has left her broken body and returned home to God to rest with those who have gone before her.

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