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An Emotional Skeptic

When my sister, Stephanie, first started to learn about foot zoning, I was skeptical. It was a completely new concept for me, and holistic medicine of any kind seemed to be unreliable. However, I soon saw the happiness and health that it brought to her family. She had always been in tune with the needs of others, and foot zoning became the perfect vehicle for her to serve and help those around her.

I still remember the first time she ever gave me a foot zone. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I also wasn’t in the greatest health at the time and knew that it might hurt. It was a little painful at parts, but I tried to be tough and really give it a chance. As she neared the end of the foot zone, she pushed on a part of my foot. Although it didn’t hurt, I immediately started bawling; not just crying, but full out sobs. My husband was in the kitchen and rushed in with concern on his face because I very rarely cry that way. Stephanie then proceeded to tell us that she had just hit the emotional center of my foot and released a lot of pent up emotion. I was in awe. I’ve always known that I don’t release emotion very often, but to have a physical manifestation of an emotional problem was a new concept for me.

Since that first foot zone, I have used many of Stephanie’s tools to help keep my family healthy and happy Some of them have been to help simple ailments but once my son’s kidneys were failing after an infection and were only fixed through holistic methods (after spending two days in the hospital without any help). I am grateful to add these tools to the medical knowledge of trained doctors. There is good in many places. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to know about foot zoning and the good it can do.

About the Author:

Lisa Wester is a stay at home mom of four wonderful young children. She lives in sunny California. She loves to read, travel to Europe and is currently learning French for her next European adventure. She would happily attend school for the rest of her life. Learning has always been her passion, but right now she is more passionate about being a mother and a wife to her amazing and gifted husband Cory.

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