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Colicky Baby

There is no greater joy than a new child. I know from my own experience that colicky children can mask that joy in sleepless nights, frazzled nerves, and uncertainty. Because of this, I share the following story in hopes that it may help parents fully experience the joy a child can bring. This experience is when I truly came to love foot zoning.

Sariah, our second daughter, was born happy and beautiful. However, it did not take long for serious “colic” to set in; maybe a week or so. Sariah would only sleep sporadically and she cried when held, even when feeding. At first, I thought it was just something she would eventually grow out of. But, we soon realized that this was more than just a passing phase. We turned to doctors for answers. Our pediatrician attributed her behavior to reflux and prescribed medicine, which did little to alleviate her suffering. As she grew we noticed that she could not rotate her head completely form side to side and she began to look sickly and weak. Our daughter was in pain! We felt powerless, tired, and frustrated.

After six long months of little sleep and deep concern for this beautiful little baby God placed in our care, we knew we needed to do something. Even though Susan our family foot zone therapist lived 3 ½ hours away, I packed up my two young children and made the long journey to her home. During the foot zone Susan said Sariah had a neck injury, causing her severe headaches and sharp pains. This pain made it difficult for Sariah to eat. This explanation rang true to me and an enormous feeling of relief rushed over me. Finally, we had some answers.

We saw immediate improvement. For a month, I made the long drive to Susan’s home every week. The transformation astounded me, my husband, and our family. She was happy. Her face looked brighter and she was eating and sleeping. What a gift to have my little one well!

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